They have been best friends for 10 years, loving each other and sharing their passions for the deserts, arts, traveling and photography.

Jason is very talented in wood making and photography. Since when I saw his pictures, sculptures and furniture I loved the minimalist and full of personality style, they are really amazing! And that’s why Sam became interested in him. Her roommate was dating Jason’s friend and she found out about his photography passion… He asked her out to take a walk on the beach and take some pinhole photos. After that, they started traveling a lot and loving more and more explore the deserts.

Sam is a strong, sweet and adorable woman! After proposing Jason on a great trip they did to Germany she planned and did all the elopement by herself. Yes, all this beautiful stuff you will see is done by her hands!! DIY guys! She is unique for sure.

Share this day with these guys was a big dream that I’ll never forget. Joshua Tree is a magical place where the desert spirit is always around. Relaxed and perfect mood. You guys have no idea how I miss that day… Enjoy the pictures!