Jodie and John. Where do I begin?
Well to start, they are both insanely adorable and intense. And they mean a lot to me. My first contact with Jodie was 2 months after moving to Vegas. At that time I got in touch with costumers through a website where they posted their jobs looking for Vegas photographers. Jodie posted their wedding job full of details, full of amazing ideas and I loved at first sight! I texted her back with my estimate, my portfolio from Brazil, opening my heart about how much I had loved all the great ideas and that I would do whatever it could take to make them real. She trusted me and I couldn’t be happier!
After that, we started all the plans for this awesome elopement from May until December…
They arrived in Vegas 2 days before for only 4 nights with her sister Tracy and her brother in law Matt.
I should meet Jodie at her getting ready, but I suggested her to start the pictures as soon as they wake up, at the bed… one more time they trusted me and it was the start of one of my favorite days in life for sure. We had Math and Dani for the insane video and Angie as the best celebrant we could dream of at the magical Eldorado Dry Lake Bed. We got smoke bombs in the desert after a so emotional ceremony and, to our surprise, their limo got stuck. No worries, one more story to tell and more time to take pictures because these guys are always having fun no matter what!
Well… I hope you enjoy the pictures….