So you got here to know more about the guy you consider as your photographer. Thank you, it’s a big honor.

But I'm still looking for the right answer to the question: Hey Tiago, who are you?

But to be honest, I like more the idea of having questions in mind than having a lot of answers. This is part of who I am, and because of all these questions I have in mind, I'm driven to look for new cultures, places, movies, sounds, flavors. I'm a very curious guy and have a loud mind. I'm always changing, sometimes because I want and other times life pushes me to change.

Of course, I have some obvious answers to help me know who I am: I'm the father of an amazing guy who loves soccer, smart as f*ck and so adorable, I'm the youngest son of a woman that showed to me, to my sister and to my brother, that you can be sweet and kind for life and smile while you face hard times, as when we lost our dad. Thank you for everything mom, I love you so much!

Why do I take pictures? Well, for this I already have two answers but the time gives me more and takes them away as well. The first one is to connect me to other people. The camera is the perfect excuse to be in places I would not be allowed without it and in these places I make amazing connections. Sometimes they last only for a day, sometimes I take them for life. But all of then are beautiful and make my heart beat strong. The second reason isn't that poetic, because I consider my memory too weak, so I take pictures of everything around. I love taking pictures of people and their connections. That's why I am a photographer.

I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I love traveling. On one of these trips around the globe, life brought me to Las Vegas, surrounded by deserts, the opposite of Rio with so many amazing beaches. I felt a strong connection to this place I call home now. So many creative people, literally from the whole world, come here to live or visit every day. I found here my second half, Robyn. My love and partner! She is my ground and also takes my mind to space. She also gave me the gift of having two awesome guys in my life whom I learn and share great experiences.

This is part of who I am today. Part of my life. Part of my photography. I can't wait for what tomorrow can bring us.

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