Their look to each other made me cry a lot of times… and my eyes always get wet when I remember this day.

Everyone knows I love movies and they are always a great inspiration to me, so can you imagine how I felt to know the groom I was about to shoot is a movie director? I’ve got so happy, nervous, and honored. So, that’s how it happened…

The Death Valley is another place I love to be at, for work or have fun, it doesn’t matter, I feel some good energy over there, and at Caroline and Andrew’s wedding wasn’t different. My first impression was happiness all around. The good vibes were contagious and so good to feel. I spent some time with Andrew and his immediate family and went to meet Caroline for her getting ready and a fast photo session in the out-of-this-world landscape around the amazing Oasis at Death Valley.

The pace of the beautiful day was perfect, as well as the nice weather for an adorable ceremony followed by an intimate photo session.

The reception started very emotional with toasts and speeches showing everyone how much love these two have around.

To finish a special day like that only a lot of fun on the dance floor. Everyone left smiling and sighing with happiness, as I did as well.

Thank you, Caroline and Andrew, all the love for you guys!

Hit play and enjoy the photos…