No doubt photography is a huge gift that I had the pleasure of winning. I can never thank you enough Tati!
Through photography, more than knowing stories, I have always been meeting wonderful people with incredible stories.
Ju Pessoa, great photographer, one of these wonderful people, put me in touch with Isa, Brazilian, photographer, travel lover and with an incredible astral.
Isa told me that she was coming to Las Vegas to marry Paolo and then to take the road together through the national parks, Nevada, California, Arizona, etc. They love to travel and cook. Things that I also love to do, especially cooking.
The ceremony was scheduled to the early in the morning and we did a mini session at the Little White Chapel and a rehearsal at the end of the day exploring the Las Vegas Downtown and the surrounding Seven Magic Mountains.
It was a really nice day, while I took the pictures we talked about life, travels, love, etc. And I had the honor of being beyond the photographer, the witness of the wedding ceremony for the first time. It was very exciting to watch the vows. So beautiful!
Isa, Paolo, Ju, and Tati, thank you always. A big kiss!
I hope you like the pictures.