love in the desert

They have been best friends for 10 years, loving each other and sharing their passions for the deserts, arts, traveling and photography. Jason is very talented in wood making and photography. Since when I saw his pictures, sculptures and furniture I loved the minimalist and full of personality style, they are really amazing! And that's why Sam became interested in [...]


I love San Francisco! I love Vegas so much but San Francisco makes me remember my hometown although the weather is so different. People are relaxed, the mood of the place is smooth... just like Rio :) Michelle and Nick live in San Fran and for sure that's why they are so cute! She is passionate about fashion, super creative and nick is an art photographer. I told y[...]

yes again and forever

Jessica and Justin. Where do I begin? Well to start, they are both talented creatives and cute. They love to travel and have an amazing blog to share their experiences around the globe. As they are vegan they show everybody how to enjoy every spot eating delicious and health food no matter where you go. They came to Vegas to celebrate their 1 year anniversary and h[...]

more 10 years of love

Priscila and Renato are from Brazil, have a beautiful family  and are together for 10 years. To celebrate this amazing journey they came to Vegas!! She works in a big wedding dress company and brought 3 gorgeous gowns to their vows renewal in Vegas. We had a great time together during that day. In the morning we did a session at the Nelson Ghost Town and at the aftern[...]

crossing the Atlantic

Sabrina and Ben share the same passion for working with children. That's how they knew each other in Germany while Sabrina was there for a temporary job. Ben liked her a lot and after some team meetings they started dating, but they knew Sabrina should come back to America some months later. It was a great time together and 4 days before Sabrina come back Ben gave her[...]