A blast, a love blast for sure on a beautiful fall day! Perfect for Sean and Shane celebrate their love. Around my favorite part of Vegas, Downtown Grand got not only their families, coming from different states, but also the ceremony and reception, classy, elegant, and convenient, right? Well, they deserve it and more, because these two awesome humans are the sweetest people, and I’m not exaggerating!
We started the day in their room capturing some candids of the couple getting ready with adorable Little Sawyer always around giving some love. With the nerves kicking in, they got super excited and anxious to celebrate their love and had some surprise gifts to each other. Shane gave Sean the beautiful The Velveteen Rabbit book with a lot of meaning for his life and Sean gave Shane a scarf with his mother’s voice saying Shane embroidered, isn’t that awesome? Do I need to say I cried a lot while I was taking these photos?! At this point, we had Tiffany and Travis, also happy crying for a toast and get their love gifts too.
A fast photo session in a wonderful location is always good to make them relax before the ceremony, right?
The ceremony was so touchy and fun with Bryan, a big friend with Sean and Shane, as the minister and when I thought my heart had everything I could dream of with Little Sawyer bringing their wedding rings, Bryan invited the guests to sing “Stand By Me” and it was FANTASTIC!!
I took them to a fast session before the reception and when we got there, OMG, only the best speeches you can ever imagine from family members and friends. As the day goes by we had drinks, mingling, and also games because Shane loves to play so much.
I’m so grateful to be there, witness so much love, and have so many love and life lesson from these guys.