Millennials. Yes, they are ruling the world with great ideas and open minds! Eric and Samuel met online and have been together ever since. They are originally from Hong Kong but live in NY. They love working, cooking and having fun shopping! They decided to get married in Las Vegas, surrounded by their best friends, in the High Roller, and after a 30-minute lap, they [...]

love makes me reborn

Laurel came from Asia to America to study and found herself alone in this new country. The life sometimes has a different time to make things happen. When she was feeling sad she "met" Daniel online. At first sight, she realized how special and sweet he was and they talked for weeks before the first date. It happened finally at the Zuma Beach and although[...]

love on the road | Isa + Paolo

No doubt the photography is a huge gift that I had the pleasure of winning. I can never thank you enough Tati! Through photography, more than knowing stories, I have always been meeting wonderful people with incredible stories. Ju Pessoa, great photographer, one of these wonderful people, put me in touch with Isa, Brazilian, photographer, travel lover and with a i[...]


Love!! That word sums it all up. It is with great love that a family begins and I feel honored every time I photograph memories that will remain for children and grandchildren. Telling these stories through my eyes, makes me deeply inspired and happy.     wedding photographer Las Vegas wedding photographer wedding photographer usa [...]


I like to find out the aesthetics of my images by combining beautiful fashion pieces with my compositions. So I'm always connected in the fashion world and in this my radar appeared to Caitlin as soon as I arrived in Las Vegas, because she is also passionate about fashion and works with it. We started chatting about fashion and photography and as soon as the urge [...]