the desert…

I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, now based in Las Vegas, USA,  and I really love traveling.

Hiking in icy Argentina

I began to study photography as a whole in big names of the wedding industry workshops and conferences, such as Samo Rovan from Slovenia, Callaway Gable and Roberto Valenzuela from United States, Wedding Brasil, WPPI, among others.

At each wedding there was a growing love for the bride and groom’s portraits and for the adrenaline of reception as well. Besides that, being a photographer allows me to meet amazing people, with equally incredible stories and to visit wonderful places.

To reciprocate so many good things that photography gives me I keep my mind and eyes open to carefully print out every detail of the wedding.

Sunset in Amsterdam

France – musée d’Orsay

The wedding is such a dreamed and important day that I want 30 years from now, you can look at your pictures and think …
“These are us and this is our story … ”

Much pleasure,

Tiago Pinheiro




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